Reality Cheque

by My Head Radio

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I am sitting In the morning At the diner On the corner I am waiting At the counter For the man To pour the coffee And he fills it Only halfway And before I even argue He is looking Out the window At somebody Coming in "It is always Nice to see you" Says the man Behind the counter To the woman Who has come in She is shaking Her umbrella And I look The other way As they are kissing Their hellos I'm pretending Not to see them Instead I pour the milk I open Up the paper There's a story Of an actor Who had died While he was drinking It was no one I had heard of And I'm turning To the horoscope And looking For the funnies When I'm feeling Someone watching me And so I raise my head There's a woman On the outside Looking inside Does she see me? No she does not Really see me Cause she sees Her own reflection And I'm trying Not to notice That she's hitching Up her skirt And while she's Straightening her stockings Her hair Is getting wet Oh, this rain It will continue Through the morning As I'm listening To the bells Of the cathedral I am thinking Of your voice... And of the midnight picnic Once upon a time Before the rain began... I finish up my coffee It's time to catch the train
If you awoke in the woods with a condom in your butt, would ya tell anyone wanna go camping are you understanding as I, overstep can I supply Dep for you’re hair’s out of place can I Pom-Pom some pep on your cheerleader face I’m such a disgrace when I swim in the deep end the thing I will say can I swim in your deep end I’m such a beast when the moon shine’s on me if you don’t want me to eat then don’t come when I’m hungry I love the buffet when I’m wet from the river eating for days until table legs quiver I’m an exceptional swimmer I rock the man in the boat I find I’m quite limber and stay longer afloat I mark your polo scratching and biting to see it solo it look’s like we’re fighting but the fire igniting from liquid fuel is much more exciting than the usual duel Drunken master has a whole new meaning when I’m careening down the river I’ve stuck slivers in many a hand a monster splinter no man’s land when skunked I stand for nothing always busting rusting locks my chicken, is the key I’m sweet hunting sheep no wolf disguise the freak’s beneath these chlorine eyes
It’s Friday night Or is it Saturday It matters nay For tonight I’m tiger tight And life Is just where I left it Among the blessed The captains, the queens The young men who were strapping And played for the team The cream of the crop The top of the heap The leaders whose pop’s Bought cops like sheep The voted “too sweet” Those with the best eyes “My dad owns this street” well mine, owns the sky” some come to compete it’s no real surprise But it’s all a dead heat For those who come by (comply) On the Wagon Wheel It feels the same As it Always will And the folks remain On the Wagon Wheel I drown the shame That I Always feel When I play this game I didn’t forget about you The best dance crew’s Or the thespian’s who Acted so friendly And bet, you’ve improved Those who have moved To a triumphant return The cooler than cool who reluctantly burn turn after turn playing video poker The cigarette smokers Who are quitting tomorrow The sitting in sorrow’s The “can I borrow a dollars”’s All the Max powers And Homer’s combined All the clams in the chowder A real “good time” passing the hours till 5th after 9 But the party’s not over See, the parking lot’s fine On the Wagon Wheel It feels the same As it Always will And the folks remain On the Wagon Wheel I drown the shame That I Always feel When I play this game
I am he I say I am I am peace I, is lamb what if the bible is just a prediction a misinterpreted rival description of a future condition a something to come I pass the petition what if we’re dumb what if the sum of this total equation was the beat of the drum from a conscious invasion I say the place and time is now to question liaisons demanding how what’s under lockdown where is the knowledge who has the top crown when do we find solace if we wipe off your polish can we finally see truth why do you abolish the mining of proof I see through the ruse and refuse your command I’ve tried all the scoops in your I Scream stance drafting a plan to melt your deception what if I am the man in your biblical lesson What if the church is the devil just read the book you follow the false idol and forever you’ll cook they’ve promised a look for thousands of years no matter how much they took He has yet to appear it say’s it quite clear upon his return we’ll lose all the fear and collectively learn we’ll consciously burn as energy self court will adjourn and life will excel now look at the wealth they allow us to see I thought that our health our life, should be free the church could relieve the seeds of envy but if you want to believe you must leave a penny maybe I’m Lenny but that isn’t right if the mice become many the men should unite if you too see the light join the Crusade to finally rewrite what we’ve blindly obeyed when He died on the cross and somehow came back did he have one embossed and wear it round his neck would he be impressed by our current system that worships his death and call themselves Christian wouldn’t he be against them for distorting his vision for calling him prince then collection is given the city they live in’s beyond common laws rich with tradition their influence sprawls through government walls and political action how could something so small be such a large fraction what’s the impact when religion is gone do you really have passion all will go wrong do you need a song to tell you how to dance if the rhythm is strong it’ll yell through your pants I’m taking the chance that I am Jesus and I’ll sell you some land if you too believe it
Please help me I’m melting Selling my soul One roll at a time I swallow my spine At the slightest mention Claiming my tension’s Pull’s too strong I’m wrong Same song Dancing around the truth A spoof of myself My wealth’s a belt Slapping welts across my stomach A 6ft summit I plummet screaming Help me please My knees are raw I felt the breeze Release my jaw Healthy p-eople Don’t heed the call Help me please I think I’m evil Please save me My misbehaving Is shaving my zest I tried to invest But my best is a lemon I’m picking out stems and Losing weight My gate, is broken I’ve lost my stride The state I’ve chosen Costs my hide My pride collides With tides of can’t My rant, is my excuse I’m less than use My noose is tying I’m crying Please shelter me My sleeves are long I felt disease Speed through my bones I’m sweltering The heats so strong Please shelter me From my evil Please leave me Stuck believing I might change Drains the light Brightly shinning behind you Pressing rewind do You see the real monster I am a concert Reduced to a riot I am the sponsor Saying, “go ahead, try it” I’m like a pilot On a diet of whiskey My characters shifty I’m Ypsi and, Your Mercy’s my rival You swim in denial Meanwhile Don’t help me, leave My greed’s my all My hell exceeds Your needs are small Your shell is weak I’ll see it fall Don’t help me, leave I’m evil
I bid you farewell though I’d share hell with you you don’t want me there you stare like I’m ugly AND wrong the gong is continuous our stimulus package’s spent my dent’s read a future to pure for you through your manure my flower still grew my stew is flavored by your stock my clock begins with your hands I know I fan the fire but my desire for change is consuming removing stains, my OCD I’m doing things hopelessly knowing it’s me who pilots my plane the frame encasing your picture has splinters at it’s base trying to quote me scriptures puts blisters on my face I forever chase a spirit day dream the machine seems in need of oil I feel I am the foil in your microwave story long after it’s spoiled my egg is still boiling the spades I’m withholding Ucke your whole deck my neck is off the chopping block if we can’t stop we can’t continue I try to be mad but only end up feeling sorry for you I’m partly removed because I’m used to the absence yet clothed buy your fashion my passion runs deep I make you compete with fantasy screens scene’s from 50’s t.v. shows I know it’s an unfair comparison but I share in the weight as well I’m compelled by invisible forces courses set by issues miscues, set in tissues wired into my framework the same shirt worn by grandmothers past a cast to shattered before tatters can mend our friends are mirrors a clearer view than our own a commonality shown by flattery battery’s feeding off one another my mother’s my portrait my forfeit’s, her failures I’m only a Whaler she is my Marley if she’d start thinking smartly she’d part with her job see, it’s hardly her legacy when her mother, is her Bob Heirlooms, passed down through generations heirlooms, loom in, my dreams Heirlooms, passed down through generations heirlooms, loom in, my dreams
She’s prettier than you her too you’re too fat a fact you knew but the truth is rolled folding the pages the youth are sold molds for their faces they’re told what their taste is who they should play with girls giving other girls advice on relationships “100 ways to please your man weight loss in a can spray on tan you don’t need a necklace unless it’s two grand” they hand out these insults like bulk on the shelves you might not know it yet but “you need some help don’t think of your health throw up if you need to” but their model’s diet is Coke and a needle all these “perfect” people creep through the night like grapes in a Speedo their lives seem so tight but life, is simply not that seamless to please your man touch his penis don’t believe this crap you’re too fat and not pretty or let someone tell you your “season” who’s not in your city sift through the grit see the true value each page that gets flipped strips you to gravel they point out your wonderful flaws like you’re dirty tell you when to be flirty and then what shirt he, will love they say to wear gloves then say how they suck just one week later they say vote for Taylor then change their opinion if he loses every other page seems like it reuses the same old abuses Cool Whippin’ your ass again, “you’re too fat there’s not enough cracked ice in your glass you need a man who can buy you the world, literally gold, pearls you need a man who’s one of the girls curl up in a ball and hate yourself buy US Weekly fatten our belts have a nice Cosmo your Vanity’s Fair if you’re just 17 your Glamour’s not there calling all Madeline’s all Karen’s, all Elle’s you’ll Vogue when we tell you our Mademoiselle’s” do you buy what they sell stuck in this Hell or do you love who you are a star, not a shell if I tell you believe in yourself and you listen you do the same thing mainly, you give in the admission of pride must come from inside you if you just sit and ride you’re too fat and you die do, you really think you’re that damn ugly I’ve got news for you, you’re right


The second album from international electronic funkateers My Head Radio. A more mature and confident sound combined with a more optimistic take on the world through Boca's lyrics have contributed to something really special. As usual, many influences are combined in the musical cooking pot, but after a couple of years simmering on the stove, we think we have a winner's dinner!

Have a taste and then maybe pick up On Air for afters?


released March 3, 2011

All tracks written by Williams / Stanton / Dorsman / van den Tol except "Tom's Diner" which was written by Suzanne Vega and used by kind permission of Michael Hausman.

All tracks performed by My Head Radio
Special thanks to Pinchbags for the flute on Fizzbomb and to Ron, Sylvion, Jacques, Dirk, Jill, Fooks and Chris


all rights reserved



My Head Radio Netherlands

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