On Air

by My Head Radio

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The debut album from My Head Radio. A more electronic feel to a lot of the tracks, but still with the groove of trip hop and the jazz sensibilities. It's easy listening on the surface, but concentrate and it's anything but. We hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did making it.


released September 11, 2008

Boca Smole : Lyrics and lead vocals
Ruby Redharez : Trumpet, guitar and keys
Foxy Yayo : Lucious Lady vocals
Wex Wexford : Twiddling, drum fiddling, bass and keys


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Track Name: 21st Century
get lost in My Head Radio
It’s always on
I’m not alone

My Head Radio's
rhythms are rouges
it's where you go
when no's, surround your yes's
when your guess is
as good as mine
where stitching time
saves more than nine
and lines
are crossed on purpose
where the shirtless are serviced
twice as fast
and the grass, is always greener
where the Stanley steamers
just don't stink
where witches sink
and Link
nails all the little mushroom girls
My Head Radio
is, the world
birling logs
while merles flutter
our butter covers
the soggiest bread
our Cogswells's
cog's, well fed
keeping Spacely, meaning, high
the will I am's
first name is Guy
the ride
is just beginning

Dooa Doob
The Rubix cube
In this musical soup
His beats are stock
He is a cop
Policing the noise
Releasing the pops
Increasing my voice
He is the choice
Of the new generation
His rolls are Royce
He creates ventilation
Cleansing the air
He’s like medication
Mentally rare
A first class elevation
He’s a space station
His birds eye view
See’s through the invasion
To uncover the truth
He’s 200 proof
Completing the loop
He’s so spicy it’s likely
Salt N Peppa would Shoop
He’s 3 raisin scoops
Whoomp, yeah he’s that
I’m in D’Bo’s chicken coop
He’s Craig on the attack
He’s a beautiful rack
Perfect double D’s
The double W
Double M, now you see
Double R’s
One of many
Subtle cards
And there’s plenty
Lovely stars
That are lending
Wonder bars
While attending
A blending, of musical styles
Rendering smiles
While rivals pause
Demanding silence
Commanding applause
Expanding the jaws
Revamping the laws
Taking us dancing
While advancing the cause
He’s Andy because
He hears notes in my brain
Fancy the love
I don’t have to explain
I just send him the picture
He makes the fame
A musical twister
Nothing can tame
If life is a game
He has the top score
Doob is the name
Need I say more

Boca Smole
the bowl roller
word controlling
scroll folder
to the rest of the teeth
I am a molar
if the best produce heat
I must be solar
you might be bi
I'm like 5 polar
I'm the head guy
you're just a soldier
if you think that you're cool
you'll think I'm much colder
I teach the school
I rule, I smolder
melting mean shoulders
smoking green boulders
I am the goal
my soul is much older
than all of the posers
you try to be
I will expose you're
lying and weak
I'm the chi
that keeps us all
planting the seeds
my weeds grow tall
I am the need
to breed and then fall
speaking in creeds
my knees are raw
teasing, I jaw
beliefs and call
out phonies only
preaching false
speeches causing
fraud and death
they’re breaching laws
because they're blessed
the sheep are paused
"it's love" and yet
we bleed in gauze
it's always red
this is my head
the radio's playing
I hope you embed
the message I'm relaying
Track Name: Odd I See Victims (Doob's Roots Mix)
I hate black people
I hate white people too
see, I'm biracial
I have every excuse
to abuse every use
this world can produce
and I do
yet I don't boo-hoo
constantly crying
blaming who's who
and always denying
I'm talking to you
anyone that thinks I should feel bad for them
the one whose stem is rotten
so their tree can't blossom
or all burnt, but that's "not their problem"
Bush involved them
they had "no choice"
"I'm only one voice,
I can't make a difference"
let's talk of plight
and everything that's wrong with life
let's concentrate our energy
on making you
just like me
and him, we're three
pea’s in a pod
let's believe in one God
and how angry he is
let's take all our gifts
and throw them away
complaining how cruel
and unfair the world plays
let's all stay inside
smoke crack and make babies
then say how the Government
pulled a gun out and "made me"
let's talk of maybes
and how slavery exists
let's all just say things
ignorant bliss
let’s marinate on the past
and keep the cast hard
let's make lots of bad headlines
let’s lower the bar
let’s talk of scars
let's keep separated
let's keep it debated
so it's never negated
let's invade if you're weak
make friends if you're strong

let's change their beliefs
let's right all their wrongs
follow along, see this way we don't have to work on ourselves
as one people
humans, equals
think of the sequels
hasn't this steeple
been up long enough
times are tough for everybody
racism's alive
because of our thoughts, we
keep it in stride
we offer the offerings
coughing, on the same polluted air
that's what's not fair
not color of hair
skin or eyes
not judged on the judge
who lives in our skies
we all cry the same
as pawns in this game
are you just going to play
or will you take the reins
I'm just saying
everyone's so concerned
with preserving their history
the brother and sister thing
seems to be gone
but on a funny note, I'll solve your mystery
drum roll please
in the future...
everyone looks just like me
Track Name: Sonar
My ship is sinking
who will save me
my red light blinking
cut from shaving
another beard
tiered with lies
my mother mirror
spears my eyes
my tears disguise
the rise in rage
it’s weird but I
pry each page
staging a raid
claiming I’m paid
my personal journal
explains how I’m fake
the drain on my take
makes me so mad
I could just punch the face
that’s shaped like my dad
if only I had
a one time vacation
from life’s little laugh
while stuck in this place and
I constantly feel like I’m losing my mind
obvious bruising
confusing the line
lots of reusing
excuses to blind
obnoxious improvements
removing my spine
finding time after time
I’m barely a man
rewinding the crime
I’m sharing my hand
blaring my plan
to all who will listen
baring the brand
“No balls were given”
I’m just a minion
an admission of failure
I trust my opinion
like women love sailors
must I throw hail towards

my windows of glass
exposing my scales for
bindles of cash
doing the math
I’m stuck in subtract
shaking while breaking
what lies in my path
picking my scabs
I grab for attention
sticking a stab
a drab intervention
a blander invention
doesn’t exist
my cancer’s intention
plummets, I’m sick
trick me with treats
sweep off my feet
season the reason
I sleep on the streets
why must we compete
beat the dead horse
we both have our needs
but the deeds are all yours
we only explore
the shores of your ocean
I feel so ignored
I’m bored with emotion
I feel an explosion
closing in fast
my loco commotion
is rolling and brash
smashing my glass
my cast is crashing
strapped by my past
a classless lashing
I’m thrashing around
screaming and yelling
trapped, feeling bound
steaming expelling
Hell, literally
Track Name: Falling Amazing
This is the coldest place
I have ever known
this is the oldest face
I've never shown
my telephone
won't pay attention
I fell alone
and did I mention

I'm scared
of you
and all of the crazy
things you do

I tear
in two
falling amazing
sting me through

a care-
less fool
hoping you'll maybe
bring me food

but there's
the truth
the sun, rises daily
like clouds, falling amazing

this is the slowest pace
I have ever gone
this lack of focus breaks
I'm never wrong
I'm selling pawns
like I'm a symbol
my elephant's
message is simple

I'm scared
of you
and all of the crazy
things you do

I tear
in two
falling amazing
sting me through

a care-
less fool
hoping you'll maybe
bring me food

but there's
the truth
the sun, rises daily
like clouds, falling amazing
Track Name: Five Year Lawsuit
"Life in a bottle
life in a bottle
I’ve got life in a bottle over here, who wants some"
hey there nice gullible sheep, what’s wrong
bones not strong enough
dong not long enough
hairline gone too much
I've got whatever you need
please, form a line to the left
I take cards, checks
shit, if you’re out of cash
I'll snatch your last breath
I'm the medicine man
a canner can can
anything that he can
but a canner can't can cancer
can he
sure, I can't either
but the high from the ether
I spit when I see your
wallet has an insurance card
retards the fact I'm no PHD
"you can't, you can’t see me"
dick not hard
are you over/under weight
too tall or short
do you get headaches
does your plate hold dessert
does your hair make a shirt
do crowds stress your nerves
do words backwards look
you can't cook?
oh, I've got a book full of pills for you
one’s designed
to chill your mood
your son in school, "yeah, he fiddles around way more than the rest of the 7-year-olds
truth be told
he needs Ritalin
he has A.D.D.
God Damn it
he won't pay attention to me"
we feed drugs to ourselves
Walgreen's shelves
sell you dreams
schemes on how to get healthy, while still being lazy
it's amazing
chasing a faster you from a chair
"put electrodes where"
we elect those fares
not knowing the cost
yet regret is spared
until someone is lost
it drops our jaws

when pause isn't pressed
stressing to get the next miracle out on the market
I saw a miracle
it was about a year ago
some guy tried suicide
by sliding his jeep onto the train tracks
to make sure the impact
followed the map
he douses his jeep
in gas and gets strapped
along comes a train
that has gained full speed
and that shell of a man's
plan, begins to recede
he leaps from his car
and falls to his knees
he prays as he bleeds
yet the train, doesn't stop
hitting his car
as it spins like a top
derailing, it flops
like a fish out of water
jumping the tracks
on hold, switching callers
then smashing a car
alone, just stalled there
jack-knifing and hitting
another train full of scholars
mothers, daughters
fathers, on their way home from work
all caught in one big circle jerk
yet hurt, is the only reward
sure, a miracle was mentioned
I think the fact your God ended
only 8 lives
is a laugh in His face
a spit in His eyes
how many survived
how many still ride the rails daily
then arrive safely
to their homes and their babies
because maybe,
your God failed in His mission
the precision needed
to make that all happen
would take way too much math and
most of us, failed algebra
the miracle, is man
in all our glory
the whole bible story
is boring, and makes no sense
henceforth, it's yours
life is your gift
shifting and changing
rearranging a million times over
every day your death is closer

if your plan is to show your
God you are special
make something happen
create something beautiful
it's your personal duty to
take care of yourself
no wealth comes from spending money on irresponsibility
the ability to excel is within you
you just have to yell
I have been through
enough of this hell
then begin to
recast the spell
I promise it's simple
you just have to believe in yourself
but, if that's too much to ask
I've got this flask full of pills for "$153 a bottle, because it works"
Track Name: Closet Composite (a bundle of sticks)
starlight star bright
first star I see tonight
wish I may
wish I might
have this kiss, a gift tonight

I’m just a stick
Lost in the faggot
I’m only your kid
No matter how tragic

And when it’s cold outside
I still wear my sweater

Although I roll the die
My will feels no better

I hardly ever

I’m a thousand dollar bullet
A thousand dollar bullet
I’m a thousand dollar bullet
And I never miss

There's entirely too much prejudice
aimed toward the gays
it's not simply a phase
or choice of taste
it's the fabulous way they are
like the way the stars
dance through the sky
or a beautiful day
on a magical high
swelling inside
riding the wave
yelling with pride
flying through shades
of color so grey's
covered with rays
revealing the feelings

true lovers display
shining a beautiful light seen for miles
the awing beam of a smile's
a powerful thing
causes teams greatest rival's
tower to lean
like flowers who bring
happiness home
hours can seem
like minutes have gone
the cynics who spawn
feelings of hatred
mimic the dawn
they started their day with
we must escape it
the prison we're in
we're so beautiful naked
all women and men
who can pretend
they don't recognize beauty
there's no need to repent
for refusing their duty
you represent
what you feel is suiting
who are you to condemn
someone else’s recruiting
how can their shoe string
affect how you walk
why aren't we removing
direct bigot talk
why do we stalk
what we won't understand
line bodies in chalk
for a biblical plan
written by man
scripted to damn
anything different
a sick little scam
the channel, needs to change
the shame is just too painful
watching the same fools
ramble and blame
the way the infallible “God” wired someone on "choice"
yet scared little boys
are just one of the perks
how does that work

certainly, I'm not alone
thinking the tone,
can be quite piercing
damaging hearing
searing my ears
as fears constantly cripple society
they lied to me
to be finally free
we must stop denying
the rising sun
of a wonderful tomorrow
it's time to take big swallow
and accept one another
as the brothers and sisters we are

I try to be big
When my legs are plastic

And I would give up my rib
But that’s phony magic

And with my hopeless eyes
I see stormy weather
Although the rope is tied
I’m free on my tether

I’m so whatever

I’m a thousand dollar bullet
A thousand dollar bullet
I’m a thousand dollar bullet
And I never miss

starlight star bright
first star I see tonight
wish I may
wish I might
time to flip the script and fight
Track Name: Odie
You can not see, me anyway
I won’t come back, another day
Everything, is oh so quiet
A steady sting—ing, Ruby diet

Push me

I can’t wait to unwrap you
Slap you with my forearm
No harm will come to you though
Watching you flow, down my dragon
I’m all strapped in, yet still I slump
I thump you (inhale)
You run through my dreams
Thundering screams
Clean my clock
I’ve stopped
My chopping block’s
Atop the mountain
My fountain overflow with
Everything I wish to be
Shifting speeds
I’m free
Seeing saws
cut my logs
I fall amazed once more
Sure, if mirrors made my house
I’d shout less
Always left
feeling right

Now that you bleed, you can’t escape
This is the pill, you have to take
Everything, is soft and silent
Smiling, you can’t deny it

Pull me
Track Name: Lady Foxy
Lesson 1
From everything you thought you knew
Lesson 2
Believe, in you
And all you can be
Lesson 3
Don’t listen to me
Go and see
What you have in store
Lesson 4
Go coast to shore
Exploring the hive
Lesson 5
You’re only alive once
Make the best of it
Lesson 6
Fix your issues
Sift thought the dirt
Revealing your gems then
You are ready
For lesson 7
Heaven, is love
Not from above
But on your plate
Lesson 8
Stop for a second
And beckon rewind
Lesson 9
You’re fine
You have no reason to pretend
Lesson 10
Sway with the breeze
Your needs
Might not need to be pressed when
Lesson 11
Is invest in others
My sisters and brothers
Let’s break this shell
Graduation is lesson 12

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