Big Foot Prince

from by My Head Radio

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Religion is OK if you keep it to yourself. Sadly, that is often not the case. As someone recently said to me, in 2000 years time, we might be celebrating Harry Potter's birthday every year...


I am he
I say I am
I am peace
I, is lamb

what if the bible
is just a prediction
a misinterpreted
rival description
of a future condition
a something to come
I pass the petition
what if we’re dumb
what if the sum
of this total equation
was the beat of the drum
from a conscious invasion
I say the place and
time is now
to question liaisons
demanding how
what’s under lockdown
where is the knowledge
who has the top crown
when do we find solace

if we wipe off your polish
can we finally see truth
why do you abolish
the mining of proof
I see through the ruse
and refuse your command
I’ve tried all the scoops
in your I Scream stance
drafting a plan
to melt your deception
what if I am the man
in your biblical lesson

What if the church is the devil
just read the book
you follow the false idol
and forever you’ll cook
they’ve promised a look
for thousands of years
no matter how much they took
He has yet to appear
it say’s it quite clear
upon his return
we’ll lose all the fear
and collectively learn
we’ll consciously burn
as energy self
court will adjourn
and life will excel
now look at the wealth
they allow us to see
I thought that our health
our life, should be free
the church could relieve
the seeds of envy
but if you want to believe
you must leave a penny
maybe I’m Lenny

but that isn’t right
if the mice become many
the men should unite
if you too see the light
join the Crusade
to finally rewrite
what we’ve blindly obeyed

when He died on the cross
and somehow came back
did he have one embossed
and wear it round his neck
would he be impressed
by our current system
that worships his death
and call themselves Christian
wouldn’t he be against them
for distorting his vision
for calling him prince then
collection is given
the city they live in’s
beyond common laws
rich with tradition
their influence sprawls
through government walls
and political action
how could something so small
be such a large fraction
what’s the impact when
religion is gone
do you really have passion
all will go wrong
do you need a song
to tell you how to dance
if the rhythm is strong
it’ll yell through your pants
I’m taking the chance
that I am Jesus

and I’ll sell you some land
if you too believe it


from Reality Cheque, released March 3, 2011
Written by Ruby, Lyrics by Boca, Performed by MHR, Produced by Wex


all rights reserved



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