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Everyone gets hand me down genes. The more faded the better?


I bid you farewell
though I’d share hell with you
you don’t want me there
you stare like I’m ugly AND wrong
the gong is continuous
our stimulus package’s spent
my dent’s read a future
to pure for you
through your manure
my flower still grew
my stew is flavored by your stock
my clock begins with your hands
I know I fan the fire
but my desire for change is consuming
removing stains, my OCD
I’m doing things hopelessly
knowing it’s me who pilots my plane
the frame encasing your picture
has splinters at it’s base
trying to quote me scriptures
puts blisters on my face
I forever chase a spirit day dream
the machine seems in need of oil
I feel I am the foil
in your microwave story
long after it’s spoiled
my egg is still boiling
the spades I’m withholding
Ucke your whole deck
my neck is off the chopping block
if we can’t stop
we can’t continue

I try to be mad
but only end up feeling sorry for you
I’m partly removed
because I’m used to the absence
yet clothed buy your fashion
my passion runs deep
I make you compete
with fantasy screens
scene’s from 50’s t.v. shows
I know it’s an unfair comparison
but I share in the weight as well
I’m compelled by invisible forces
courses set by issues
miscues, set in tissues
wired into my framework
the same shirt worn
by grandmothers past
a cast to shattered
before tatters can mend
our friends are mirrors
a clearer view than our own
a commonality shown by flattery
battery’s feeding off one another
my mother’s my portrait
my forfeit’s, her failures
I’m only a Whaler
she is my Marley
if she’d start thinking smartly
she’d part with her job
see, it’s hardly her legacy
when her mother, is her Bob

Heirlooms, passed down
through generations
heirlooms, loom in, my dreams

Heirlooms, passed down
through generations
heirlooms, loom in, my dreams


from Reality Cheque, released March 3, 2011
Written by Wex, Lyrics by Boca, Performed by MHR, Produced by Wex


all rights reserved



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